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Where do I start?

Which Products You Should Start With

I always tell people to start with the book “Heal Yourself 101”. If there’s only one thing you get from me, let that be it. The second thing I recommend is my paperback “Instructions for a New Life”, which goes beyond healing your body and helps you with freedom from relationship, financial, and life-decision problems.

If you can only afford one herbal product, get the Green Formula. The second suggestion would be the Herbal Vitamin C powder. If you don’t want to do enemas, then get Free-Colon. It’s cheap, and helps you clean out the plumbing. Free-Liver is vital because all the garbage you put in your body gets filtered through your liver, which is your body’s source of energy, hormones, immunity, and vitality. If your liver is dirty, you feel sluggish, tired, and get sick easily. If you have stress, then I suggest using Night Rebuild to help you sleep and rebuild hormones. Lastly, the Age-Free Formula has much-needed adaptogens - herbs that adapt to your needs - as they give you energy when you need it and help you relax.

All of these products are all in my Starting Over Set at a discount!

If You're on a Fixed Income

If you're looking to purchase a book, get “Heal Yourself 101”. If you're looking to purchase an herbal supplement, get my Green Formula.

Can the Cleansing Products be Taken Together?

They can, but Charconite is best taken by itself since it absorbs other things. It is meant only for occasional use and emergencies anyway. Try the Parasite-Free formula first without the Free-Colon formula; it already has some colon herbs in it. The Free-Liver formula can be taken anytime, but all formulas are best taken on an empty stomach with water at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Can Cleansing and Nutritional Products be Taken Together?

Yes, but that would be a lot of powder! It's best to decide if you are cleansing or maintaining. Don’t try and do everything at once in hopes of being a new person in one week. First you should cleanse, then get on the nutritional program afterwards. Be patient, and do it right. As described in “Heal Yourself 101”, it’s best to do a water fast with no powders, then a green juice fast with no powders, then do green smoothies with powders, and continue with raw food and powders in your morning smoothie.

Of course you could start right away with a morning smoothie that has the Green Formula, Herbal Vitamin C powder, Free-Liver, and Age-Free Formula for example. That’s fine, and your body will slowly heal and cleanse anyway if you eat right. Of course it will take longer than if you did a straight cleanse first.

The Best Times for Taking my Herbal Supplements

The nutritional supplements (e.g. Green Formula, Super Plant Protein, Herbal Vitamin C powder, etc.) can be taken any time, but the best time to take cleansing and healing herbs is on an empty stomach because food dilutes their strength, especially food with oils and fats. If your herbs are hitting too strong, taking them with food is a good way to weaken their effect.

Yes you could take all of these at the same time, but for the best results, take the Parasite-Free and Free-Liver together one hour before or with meals, and Charconite by itself on an empty stomach (the furthest point between meals). Charconite is for emergencies and occasional use anyway, not daily use. Do not take the Green Formula later in the day or you’ll have too much energy and will not be able to sleep.

Can All the Products be Taken Together?

Yes, but they are more effective when you take them when you are supposed to. The Green Formula, Super Plant Protein, and Herbal Vitamin C powder can be taken together for example. They give you energy. Night Rebuild should be taken one hour before bed because it helps you sleep and rebuild hormones. Parasite-Free is best taken before lunch on empty stomach, but you can take Free-Liver and Free-Colon with Parasite-Free. You can take Free-Colon with Night Rebuild. Charconite is more for occasional use and emergencies. The Power Formula should be taken by itself, on an empty stomach, one hour before needing energy (like going to the gym). Just put a little thought into what you are doing.

What You Can Eat While Doing a Cleanse

It depends on how serious you are about cleansing. The general rule is nothing made with flour or wheat (bread, pasta, cereal, pastries etc), no sugar, dairy and nothing cooked or fried if you can help it...especially starches like potato. If you are serious, don’t eat any solid food during a cleanse because it slows down the elimination flow. The best scenario is starting with a short water fast, then nothing but green juices for a while, then green smoothies, then raw food. Read the book “Heal Yourself 101” for the details.

When to Take Cleansing Powders

If you're eating or preparing for a fast:

  1. Take Free-Colon with a bit of Charconite at night, before bed, with lots of water
  2. Take Free-Liver in the morning, on an empty stomach, with lots of water
  3. If you have some Green Formula, take it either by itself with water, or in a morning smoothie
  4. Take Parasite-Free 30 minutes before lunch, on an empty stomach
  5. Take Free-Liver again, in the middle of the day in between meals
  6. Take Charconite 2 hours after dinner, with 1-2 glasses of water
  7. Do an enema two hours after dinner and before bed

If you're doing a water or green juice fast: Do follow the steps above before your water fast, but NO powders during your water fast or green juice fast. Do enemas during your water fast.

If you're doing a green smoothie fast: Powders are okay.

When it's Safe to Take my Herbal Supplements *

* These are merely suggestions, and are not a substitution for medical advice. Please consult a licensed medical doctor before consuming any of my products.

Supplements not Suitable for Pregnant Women

It’s suggested to consume only whole foods, and to minimize all drugs and processed foods. Wait to consume any of my herbal supplements until your baby is born.

Mothers who are Breast Feeding

Only my Green Formula, Super Plant Protein, and Herbal Vitamin C powder are safe to take. None of my other herbal supplements can be taken.

Babies and Small Children

Most herbal products should not be used until around two years old only because of hyper-gut permeability. You can try a small amount of my Green Formula, Super Plant Protein, and Herbal Vitamin C powder, after two years of age, but if reflux occurs, stop immediately!

Supplements Suitable for Pets

A small amount of Green Formula or Super Plant Protein may be tested. If a reaction occurs, stop immediately! No other supplements should be given to pets.

For Women who are Trying to Conceive

Free-Liver is suggested for a few months before conception. Do not take Parasite-Free close to when you plan to conceive. All of my other nutritional supplements are safe to take until you conceive. After you've conceived, stop taking all of my herbal and nutritional supplements.

If you Suffer from Gout, Kidney Issues, or are on Blood Thinners

Do not take my Super Plant Protein as it contains vanilla (a blood thinner), and may raise uric acid levels. When you do take my supplements, always try a small amount first. If any reactions occur, discontinue use immediately!

Supplement Dosage Instructions

Cleansing Supplements Dosage Instructions

Kidney Formula

Nutritional Supplements Dosage Instructions

Green Formula
Happy Time
Herbal Vitamin C
Night Rebuild
Power Formula
Sea Moss
Super Plant Protein
3-in-1 GreenPro-C

Package Deals Dosage Instructions

Adrenal Thyroid Set
Anti-Aging Set
Collagen Kit
Protein, Greens, and Vitamin C Set
Protein, Greens, Vitamin C, and Age-Free Set
Protein, Greens, Vitamin C, and Night Rebuild Set
Starting Over Set
Weight Loss Set
Wild Force Set