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Sea Moss Dosage Instructions

Sea Moss Gracilaria (a seaweed, not really a moss)

Thickener, emulsifier, contains minerals to help the body to create collagen. My Sea Moss (when combined with the herbal vitamin C and green formula) has minerals which help the body create its own collagen which is much healthier than animal-based alternatives. No boiling needed!


This is right out of the ocean, so yes it's naturally brown and smelly, but that washes away! It's natural to have white crusty sea minerals/salt, white stringy bits (that's just a different sea plant), and other natural weird stuff from the sea. Each batch is different, so don't expect each bag to look the same!

Start with just a handful as this stuff expands to four times its size when wet! Rinse and vigorously clean really well multiple times. Check for hidden sand and debris. Soak in a bowl of water for 4-24 hours at room temperature, rinsing a few more times with new water each time. The moss will expand like crazy. Continue washing and soaking until the smell is gone and the color is creamy-beige-white, slippery and soft.


Blend in a powerful blender until totally smooth and creamy. My Sea Moss can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Add to smoothies for health, or to recipes for thickening. When added to a recipe, it takes about 1 hour in the refrigerator to firm up the dish. As with all natural ingredients, the thickening effect may vary. Store any unused portion in cool, dry, and dark cupboard or refrigerator. The unused portion may last up to half a year depending on your climate.

Net Weight: 1 lb (16 oz)(453g) expands to 4 times its size when wet. The washing and rinsing is demonstrated in the video below.

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