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Anti-Aging Set Dosage Instructions

Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Take 2 tablespoons of Greens Formula, 2 tablespoons of Free-Liver, and 1 tablespoon of Vitamin C every morning with water or in a green smoothie. Do not drink straight fruit juice by itself anytime- the sugar is too concentrated. Green smoothies should be half greens, half fruit (frozen is ok), herbal powders, 2 teaspoons of Udo’s oil or flax or hemp oil and 2 cups water or fruit juice. The Green Formula will give you energy and is an appetite suppressant, so take as much as you want during the first half of the day. Do not take the Green Formula after 4 pm otherwise it will keep you up all night. If you get hungry during the day, try to drink more water and Green Formula instead of eating food.

The Sea Moss is your source of iodine for a healthy thyroid, minerals, and protein for collagen formation (plump up skin, hair, strengthen bones, arteries). It is also a mucilage to help cleanse and fortify the entire digestive system. Follow instructions on Sea Moss bag on how to prepare it. It must be soaked and washed several times before use. You can add sea moss to smoothies, but it will thicken them into a gel within 30 minutes. The sea moss can be used in dessert recipes like those in the recipe book “Love on a Plate” to make pudding, non-dairy cheese, cheesecake etc. Consume about half a cup or Sea Moss gel per day or as much as you want. There is no maximum amount.

Take an extra 3 capsules of Age-Free and 1-2 spoonfuls of Free-Liver with water, sometime during the day, on an empty stomach. Do NOT take it with fruit juice- it needs to be bitter on the tongue to work. The bitter taste activates the vagus nerve on the back of the tongue, which activates the liver to cleanse and helps the digestive system also.

Stop eating three hours before bed. Within one hour of bed, take 1 tablespoon of Night Rebuild and 2 tablespoons of Free-Colon (or capsules if you got capsule version) with water or coconut water. Be in bed no later than 11 pm. Stay away from all forms of sugar, fruit juice, bread, milk and anything made with wheat or flour or cooked starches like potatoes. Eat more bitter things like dandelion, endives etc. Remember- bitter cleans the liver, get rid of cellulite and helps you lose weight. Sugar creates fat, wrinkles, mood swings and robs you of energy. Stay strong!