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Weight Loss Set Dosage Instructions

You can take all this stuff at the same time, but that’s quite a bit of powder to take at once, so it's best to break it up as described below. Try not to take this stuff with fruit juice- the sugar is too concentrated and sugar turns into fat. The bitter taste is part of what makes it work so well. Let this be your motivation to not eat junk food anymore :-) Remember- sweet stuff is what got you in trouble in the first place. This is what it takes to fix that. Start eating right. At least start with fruit juice and slowly start diluting it more and more as you go.

Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Take 2 tablespoons of Green Formula, 2 tablespoons of Free-Liver, and 1 tablespoon of Vitamin C every morning with water or in a green smoothie. Green smoothies should be half greens, half fruit (frozen is ok), herbal powders, 2 tablespoons ground up flax seeds and 2 cups water or fruit juice. The Green Formula gives you energy, and is an appetite suppressant, so take as much as you want the first half of the day, but not after 4 pm otherwise it will keep you up all night. If you get hungry during the day, try to just drink more water and Green Formula instead of eating food.

Trim Force

Take 3-4 capsules, or one tablespoon, of Trim Force powder on empty stomach several times a day before meals, preferably only with water (the concentrated sugar in fruit juice creates fat and bitter taste activates vagus nerve to flush the liver). A clean liver is a vital part of fat loss. Note: eating or blending whole fruit is ok and not the same as fruit juice which has no fiber. You need that fiber! Eat your fruit whole or blend it, but don’t juice fruit. You must overcome your addiction to sweet stuff if you want to make progress. Trim Force will help lessen your urges for sugar- especially if you use the powder form, which makes sweet things taste bad. Take it anytime you feel the urge to eat something sweet or carbs (anything made with wheat or flour or potatoes or rice). The herbs in this formula will lower blood sugar, so if you are on insulin or medications that control blood sugar, your insulin or medication dosage may need to be adjusted. Consult your doctor. True health and fat loss involve a proper diet, exercise, and stress control. This is not a substitute for an unhealthy lifestyle or diet.


The liver is key to helping the body get rid of fat. Take 1 tablespoon of Free-Liver with water on empty stomach. (It can be taken with Trim Force too.) The bitter taste is part of what helps clean the liver. It helps to take an extra 1-2 spoonfuls of Free-Liver with water sometime during the day on an empty stomach. Do not take it with fruit juice- it needs to be bitter on the tongue to work. The bitter taste activates the vagus nerve on the back of the tongue, which activates the liver to cleanse and helps the digestive system also.


Take two tablespoons, or 4-5 capsules, with water before bed.

Vitamin C

Vital for adrenal and thyroid support. Take at least 1 tablespoon at least once a day (several times a day is okay) with water or put in a smoothie. Okay with or without food. Suggested to mix with the Green Formula.

Green Formula

This is your energy and nutrition. You won’t need as much food when you take this. Take several spoonfuls in your morning smoothie or just with water. Smoothie suggestion: 2 cups of water or coconut water, 2 spoonfuls of Green Formula, 1 frozen banana, 1 spoonful of Vitamin C, half a head of lettuce, 1 cup of frozen berries, and 2 spoonfuls of Sea Moss gel.

Sea Moss

The Sea Moss is your source of iodine for a healthy thyroid, weight loss, minerals, and protein for collagen formation (skin, hair, bones, arteries). It is also a mucilage to help cleanse and fortify the entire digestive system. Follow the instructions on the Sea Moss bag on how to prepare it. It must be soaked and washed several times before use. You can add sea moss to smoothies, but it will thicken them into a gel within 30 minutes. The sea moss can be used in dessert recipes like those in the recipe book “Love on a Plate” to make pudding, non-dairy cheese, cheesecake etc. Consume 2 tablespoons of sea moss gel per day or as much as you want. There is no maximum amount. Put it in smoothies or make recipes from our book “Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook".

Stop eating three hours before bed. Within one hour of bed, take 1 tablespoon of Night Rebuild and 2 tablespoons (3-4 capsules) of Free-Colon with water or coconut water. Be in bed no later than 11 pm. Stay away from all forms of sugar, fruit juice, bread, milk and anything made with wheat or flour or cooked starches like potatoes. Eat more bitter things like dandelion, endives etc. Remember- bitter cleans the liver, get rid of cellulite and helps you lose weight. Sugar creates fat, wrinkles, mood swings and robs you of energy. Stay strong!

If you have diabetes or hypoglycemia, and you really want to lose weight, then you must change your diet! No more bread, pasta, cereal, pizza, crackers or anything made with wheat, flour, dough, sugar, milk etc. Read and follow the book “Heal Yourself 101” without cheating. Many people got rid of diabetes in as little as 30 days. If you don’t believe it, see “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days” on YouTube. Read and follow the book Heal Yourself 101! It can totally change your life. Don’t think you will be depriving yourself of great food. That’s why we created “Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook" that shows how to easily make healthy raw, vegan versions of your favorite foods like pizza, pop tarts, creme brûlée, chocolate cake, and more. There is also a Diabetes e-book on this site. The Green Formula also helps diabetics wean off insulin slowly if they eat right and cleanse as per the Diabetes e-book. Of course, do it safely, and always consult a licensed medical doctor before consuming any of my products.