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Parasite-Free Dosage Instructions

Take once a day 30 min before lunch. If you feel burning, take with food or cut dosage first day- 1 capsule, 2nd day- 3 capsules, 3rd day- 6 capsules, 4th day- 10 capsules days 5 to 90 - 10 capsules, 1-day rest per week. Note: if on a liquid diet, 5 or 6 pills a day is enough. Children 5-12, half dosage. Not recommended for children under 5.

The average person can have up to ten pounds of worms, yeast, bacteria, mold, and viruses in their body! Parasites eat garbage, so the more garbage you eat, the more they multiply. By garbage, I mean dead un-natural foods like bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, pies, chips, starches of any kind like cooked rice, potatoes, and especially sugar. They love what you love and hate what you hate. Parasites are tenacious and will not give up easily. They want to survive just like you do, so they will do whatever it takes to survive, that’s why it’s important to stick to the program and not cheat. Parasites release chemicals that make your brain crave more sugar, carbs, and starch so you will feed them. Do not give them what they want! Remember- stay away from anything sweet (including fruit juice). Bitter foods are the best and healthiest.

You can never get rid of all parasites, and you can’t kill them all, so the goal is to clear as many out as you can and then not feed the leftover ones. The best way to get rid of unwanted house-guests is to take away the foods they like. They will leave on their own and look for junk food elsewhere. I know someone who did nothing but go on a two-week green juice fast and started passing entire nests of worms... and she was thin and good-looking! Everybody has them. Most live in the small intestine, which is difficult to get to because there is a valve on each end and lots of fresh food. So the strategy is to starve them out, or at least only pass bitter greens and stuff through your system that they hate. They will let themselves go “downstream” to look for better eating. After 30 feet of small intestine, they end up in the colon, and if you’re a typical person eating bread, sugar, meat, cheese, baked grains, and other modern processed crap, you have a yeasty mucus-filled colon that’s a feast for parasites.

I can’t say this enough- you can't simply take some pills to try and kill them, and then keep eating what they like. That’s like pouring gasoline on a fire while trying to put it out with water. Sure the herbs kill, but yeast and parasites eat dead bacteria and parasites! So you need to stop feeding them and also help get them out of your body as fast as possible, because the moment you start killing them, you will have pounds of dead and dying toxic rotting parasites poisoning your body, so you need to help get them out asap- and the best way by far is flushing them out with enemas (the rubber, half a gallon of water kind).

Some people take these herbs and then get headaches, cramps, nausea etc. This means they are full of dead parasites which are toxic to the body and they aren’t flushing their bowels. Enemas and colonics are best, but at least take my colon formula, fresh aloe vera, lots of fiber or something. Parasite-free has some colon-flushing herbs, but for really toxic people, it may not be enough. Remember- When you kill a parasite, it explodes all kinds of toxins into the system. Another reason for cramping is low stomach acid, very common in the modern world. This is caused by eating too many sweets and not enough bitter stuff (required for proper stomach acid), also too much stress. Do NOT drink alkaline water, it neutralizes stomach acid. Raise your levels by eating more bitter foods like dandelion, aloe etc, and using apple cider vinegar, B-vitamins, sea salt, 50 mg zinc with meals and TMG (trimethylglycine), available online or at health food stores.

Remember- these herbs KILL bacteria, including beneficial probiotic gut bacteria, so you need to replenish at the end of the day by taking PROBIOTICS. (10 hours after taking the herbs) Liquid probiotics are better than dry pill or powders. Coconut kefir or non-dairy acidophilus are good examples.

Take Parasite-Free once a day before or with lunch. It’s much more powerful on empty stomach, but if it burns and cramps too much, then take with food. It’s best to be on a whole-body detox cleanse, meaning lots of fresh green leafy vegetable juices, especially containing cucumber, ginger, garlic, celery. It’s not mandatory, but the best cleanse is total liquid, no food. Liquid fasts are powerful for healing. But if you want to eat, try to just do lots of salads and non-sweet raw fruits and vegetables. No nuts, honey, agave etc. Remember- parasites love cooked food. Try to follow the outline in my book “Heal Yourself 101”.

You may not see whole worms coming out because your body is probably digesting them before they make it all the way out. They are after all, in your digestive system, and dead parasites will probably get digested to some degree. Drink lots of water and for extra punch (adding lemon is good), eat lots of garlic, onions, hot peppers and cayenne. Other anti-parasite foods include papaya seeds, pumpkin seeds, pineapple, Aloe Vera, thyme, nutmeg, cloves, turmeric, radishes, etc. It’s also good to take enzymes with high amounts of protease (which digests protein & parasites) but do not take if you have ulcers. Remember to flush your bowels every other day and take probiotics at the end of every day.

Seriously consider your diet and cleansing. Ignoring parasites does not make them go away. Wash your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide to kill gum bacteria and parasites. Get lots of movement and exercise- get that lymph moving! If you feel a slight burning, that’s the cayenne working. That’s normal, but if you feel nauseous, lower dosage or stop. Your stomach acid is probably too low (stress, etc). Stay on this for three months! Adult parasites leave eggs behind when they die. It takes time to rid your body of all parasite stages.

Take probiotics at the end of the day because Parasite-Free™ is powerful and knocks out everything. Scrub your hands, keep fingernails clean, Wash all produce, practice impeccable hygiene. Drink lots of water!

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