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New Customers

  • Where do I start?

    Which Products You Should Start With I always tell people to start with the book “Heal Yourself 101”. If there’s only one thing you get from me, let that be it. The second thing I recommend is my paperback “Instructions for a New Life”, which goes beyond healing your body and helps you with f...
  • Can cleansing and nutritional supplements be taken together?

    Yes! Visit our Package Deals section to view and purchase product sets that are designed to work harmoniously. Some examples include: Anti-Aging Set (Greens Formula, Age-Free, Sea Moss, Night Rebuild, Herbal Vitamin C, Free-Liver) Weight Loss Set 2.0 (Greens Formula, Free-Liver, Herbal Vitami...
  • What can I eat during a cleanse?

    The general rule is nothing made with flour or wheat (bread, pasta, cereal, pastries etc), no sugar, no dairy, and nothing cooked or fried if you can help it...especially starches like potato. If you are serious, don’t eat any solid food during a cleans because it slows down the elimination fl...
  • Where can I find a list of ingredients?

    Ingredients are listed on each product's page. No ingredients are from China.
  • How can I make my spouse/partner eat clean?

    You can't force them. The best you can do is become a living example of how sexy, vibrant, alive and healthy a human can become and hopefully, this will inspire them. As for thinking they need to eat meat for big manly muscles, get them the "Raw Vegan Muscle" DVD set. Tell him if he wants to not ...
  • Where are the instructions for the supplements?

    They are on the side of the product's bottle or bag and a folded instruction sheet is included inside each shipping container. You can also find them in our FAQ section: Cleansing Supplements Dosage Instructions Charconite Free-Colon Free-Liver Kidney Formula Parasite-Free ...
  • How do I store your products?

    How long does the Sea Moss last in the refrigerator once it is a gel? At least a month To freeze or not to freeze? There is no need to store any of the herbal powders in the freezer. In fact, it will destroy about 30% of the vitality that way. Keeping dry at room temp in a cool dark place is bes...
  • What is the shelf life of the products?

    The Body Force cleansing products can last many years. The Wild Force nutritional products should be consumed within 6 months for the most power and effect. The Sea Moss should last a year.
  • What products can be taken while pregnant?

    It’s suggested to consume only whole foods, and to minimize all drugs and processed foods. Wait to consume any of my herbal supplements until your baby is born.
  • What products can be taken while nursing?

    Only the Green Formula, Super Plant Protein, and Herbal Vitamin C are safe to take. None of our other herbal supplements can be taken.
  • Can children take these products?

    Herbal products should not be used until around two years old only because of hyper-gut permeability. For more age-related guidance, see below: Green Formula Super Plant Protein Free-Colon Charconite for emergencies (like poisoning) Free-Liver after age 9 Age-Free after age 9 Parasite-Free ages ...
  • Can pets take these products?

    No cleansing herbs, as they are too strong for pets. The only nutritional supplement that might be okay is a very, very small amount of Green Formula. It's best to consult your pet's veterinarian before administering any Green Formula to your pet.
  • Will Markus answer my health related questions?

    Thank you for your interest and trust in Markus Products! We know your health-related question is important, but unfortunately, neither Markus nor his phone order agents, are knowledgeable enough or legally able, to dispense medical advice. Markus himself is not a licensed medical professional,...
  • When should I be taking the cleansing products?

    If you're eating or preparing for a fast: Take Free-Colon with a bit of Charconite at night, before bed, with lots of water Take Free-Liver in the morning, on an empty stomach, with lots of water If you have some Green Formula, take it either by itself with water, or in a morning smoothie ...
  • Why do I get nauseous after taking a product?

    These products are most powerful on an empty stomach, but for some people they are too powerful. If you feel nauseated after taking a product you can: Take it with food Add it to a smoothie that has whole fruit in it Have some nut butter and/or greens Don’t just take it with orange juice- that’s...