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Green Formula Dosage Instructions

Take any time of day with any kind of liquid. Tastes good enough to take with only water! These herbal products are strong, so start with just a half teaspoon in water to make sure your body can handle it, then work your way up to any amount you want. Normal dosage is one or 2 heaping tablespoons in a glass of water or juice. This formula can give you lots of energy, so it’s best to take in mornings, not night. Great in smoothies. One example is Green Formula with coconut water, frozen banana, a tablespoon of Udo’s oil or hemp oil, and maybe some greens. Have fun. You may find yourself feeling REALLY good after taking it because it contains so many minerals and nutrients that your body is lacking, because grocery store produce is grown in soil that’s been farmed for 100 years and has been nutrient-deprived, and was picked unripe 1-2 weeks ago. The wild plants in this formula contain nutrients not found in any conventional fruits, vegetables or greens. For those concerned about gluten, please know that the grasses we use are in their sprout stage, where there is very little gluten. Also, the enzyme reaction and drying process helps even more!

Pregnancy Warning: Purslane may cause uterine contractions (but there's only a small amount in the formula) and peppermint is a smooth muscle relaxer. The warning was added to be safe. There is nothing toxic in this formula just some herbs to relax muscles while others contract muscles.

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