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Herbal Vitamin C Dosage Instructions

Since this vitamin C is 100% powdered plants, containing the highest sources of herbal vitamin C in the world, take as much as you want!

Amount of Vitamin C mg per 100g Serving

  • Markus Wild Force Vitamin C 6,460
  • Gubinge Kakadu Plum 3000
  • Camu Camu 2500 deteriorates fast (not used in this formula)
  • Rosehip 2000
  • Acerola 1677
  • Guava 228
  • Orange 138
  • Grapefruit 120
  • Kiwi 93
  • Lemon 77

That means one tablespoon has 1000mg of vitamin C. Two tablespoons have 2000mg of vitamin C. A serving size is whatever you want it to be. You cannot take too much vitamin C in its herbal state. I pour this stuff on everything!