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How do I stop losing weight?

Again, when switching to a super clean diet, the body starts throwing out all the old stuff, just like spring cleaning. The body has different priorities than you.(functionality over vanity). When totally rebuilding a body, it's no different than totally rebuilding a car or house- it must be stripped down to the bare skeleton before rebuilding can begin with good, strong, new healthy clean building materials. This phase freaks people out and scares friends and family members. It is only temporary. When the body is done getting rid of the old you, it starts rebuilding. Raw foodists have much denser, stronger muscle fiber than meat eaters. It takes longer to build but is more durable and longer lasting. Again- there are no shortcuts. If you want to start packing on weight, but can't, then maybe you aren't totally clean yet. You might also not be absorbing food properly. One common cause for that is low stomach acid, brought on by modern foods, breads, candida yeast, stress and alkaline water etc. Read the STOMACH e-book and also the BODYBUILDING e-book.

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