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Why do I get nauseous after taking a product?

These products are most powerful on an empty stomach, but for some people they are too powerful. If you feel nauseated after taking a product you can:

  • Take it with food
  • Add it to a smoothie that has whole fruit in it
  • Have some nut butter and/or greens

Don’t just take it with orange juice- that’s just concentrated sugar which spikes insulin!  Always go for whole fruit or blended fruit, not just fruit juice.  Also, these herbs are powerful detoxifiers, so if you are eating/drinking/smoking stuff you aren’t supposed to, these herbs will try to kick it out of your body.  When first taking a new product, start with a small amount- like half a teaspoon, and work your way up to a Tablespoon or two. Always drink lots of water and if it’s still too strong, take with food.