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Will Markus answer my health related questions?

Thank you for your interest and trust in Markus Products! We know your health-related question is important, but unfortunately, Markus himself is not a licensed medical professional, so he is not allowed to dispense health diagnoses or advice. His purpose is to self-empower people by allowing them to heal themselves. All the means have been supplied through his books and related supplements. All health conditions no matter how bad, all boil down to the same reasons, which can be improved if certain conditions are met. These are outlined in the book "Heal Yourself 101". Almost all people who have read and followed the instructions in this book - without cheating - see a marked improvement in their condition.

For help with specific health conditions, visit our e-books section. Markus has written on almost every health condition, what the causes are, and what to do about them.

Regardless of where you are in your healthcare journey, you must:

  1. Stop doing what caused the problem in the first place. (The Heal Yourself 101 book can help you recognize what those things are!)
  2. Clean out your body and life, right down to the core. Again, Heal Yourself 101 explains how.
  3. Only put things back into your body and life that are intended by nature, otherwise your body won't function properly. This is also outlined also in Heal Yourself 101

Markus has made it easy for people to understand what steps to take. His life's mission is for people to learn to take care of themselves. That is true self-empowerment, health, and freedom!

Jul 10, 2023