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Is your Irish Sea Moss dangerous?

Markus Products' Sea Moss is in the Irish Moss family Chondrus Crispus but is a different species called Gracilaria, which doesn’t have any of the commercially used questionable carrageenans. That said, normal Irish moss is still harmless anyway and highly beneficial.

Carageenan is not the same as raw Irish Moss. It is an isolate that's been chemically extracted from Irish moss, just like turpentine is made from pine trees. Pine needles are good for you but obviously, it's not advisable to drink turpentine. Isolates, in general, are not advisable for consumption. Vitamin C for example- natural dried plants are fine but the stuff you buy in the store is not. Ascorbic acid has many health issues.

The raw food community still has some growing up to do. They are still telling people alkaline water and coffee enemas are good for you when they're not. Irish Moss in its natural state is a seaweed that's super nutritious and good for you. Carrageenan and other extracts are not. Big difference.

Good analogy from Meghan Telpner's blog- "To declare that Irish Moss should be avoided due to the harmful effects of chemically processed carrageenan is a bit like saying we must avoid organic corn on the cob because high fructose corn syrup is toxic to the liver and leads to obesity, or to avoid white willow bark as an herb because aspirin (of which it is derived) can cause gastric bleeding. We should definitely avoid coconuts because hydrogenated palm oil and sodium lauryl sulfate are bad for us, and throw in organic edamame, tempeh and sprouted tofu given that hydrolyzed soy protein can have an excitotoxic effect similar to that of MSG."

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Markus and Cara and have been using this very same Sea Moss for years with no problem. The only side effects are increased health and vitality, more hair growth, and better skin. Thousands of people have used this product and not one has reported any negative effects, only amazing improvement in the quality of their life!

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