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Why is store-bought Vitamin C bad?

The stuff you buy at a store is synthesized in a lab into an isolate, which needs to be buffered because ascorbic acid isolate is highly oxidative and turns into oxalic acid quickly when exposed to heat, light or moisture. It is corrosive to the body- especially at levels over 1000mg it becomes an oxidant- the opposite of what you want! (This is why I recommend you store my vitamin C in a dry and dark place at room temperature.) The fact it is made from potatoes shows this is an isolate. By the way- true natural vitamin C is NOT a pure white powder!

The highest herbal source of vitamin C on the planet is Gubinge- the kakadu plum in Australia, which has 3000 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. My formula has 6,500- more than double that! because of the synergistic combination of gubinge, pine needles, sea buckthorn etc. There is no healthy natural vitamin C anywhere in the world with higher levels than my formula.

There is quite a bit of pine needle powder in my Herbal Vitamin C formula. (The product has 6,500 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams.) Pine needles are totally safe and are an amazing source of vitamin C, but there are some old rumors floating around the internet about some animals having miscarriages after being fed insanely large amounts of pine needles, which created unfounded fears in people. While my Herbal Vitamin C powder is totally safe for people, I didn’t want to get into any arguments so I just posted, "Do not take while pregnant," on my label.

The only real “buffered” vitamin C that is good for the body is herbal vitamin C directly from dried plants still in their natural state (not isolated). It’s not about how much vitamin C you take anyway- the body can only absorb 1000 mg per hour, the rest is wasted. What matters is how the body utilizes it. There is toxic vitamin C and healthy natural vitamin C. The choice is yours.

Pregnancy warning: only because pine needle oils may stimulate uterine contractions, although the probability is low.

Amount of Vitamin C mg per 100g Serving

  • Markus Wild Force Vitamin C 6,460
  • Gubinge Kakadu Plum 3000
  • Camu Camu 2500 deteriorates fast (not used in this formula)
  • Rosehip 2000
  • Acerola 1677
  • Guava 228
  • Orange 138
  • Grapefruit 120
  • Kiwi 93
  • Lemon 77

That means one tablespoon has 1000mg of vitamin C. Two tablespoons have 2000mg of vitamin C. A serving size is whatever you want it to be. You cannot take too much vitamin C in its herbal state. I pour this stuff on everything!

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