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Herbal Vitamin C

  • Herbal Vitamin C Dosage Instructions

    Since this vitamin C is 100% powdered plants, containing the highest sources of herbal vitamin C in the world, take as much as you want! Amount of Vitamin C mg per 100g Serving Markus Wild Force Vitamin C 6,460 Gubinge Kakadu Plum 3000 Camu Camu 2500 deteriorates fast (not used in this formula)...
  • Why is store-bought Vitamin C bad?

    The stuff you buy at a store is synthesized in a lab into an isolate, which needs to be buffered because ascorbic acid isolate is highly oxidative and turns into oxalic acid quickly when exposed to heat, light or moisture. It is corrosive to the body- especially at levels over 1000mg it becomes ...