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Sea Moss

  • Sea Moss Dosage Instructions

    Sea Moss Gracilaria (a seaweed, not really a moss) Thickener, emulsifier, contains minerals to help the body to create collagen. My Sea Moss (when combined with the herbal vitamin C and green formula) has minerals which help the body create its own collagen which is much healthier than animal-bas...
  • Is the Sea Moss supposed to smell bad?

    The Sea Moss normally smells terrible and looks dark, but after washing it really well and soaking it several times (like the instructions state), it won't smell anymore and will get lighter. Sea Moss will sometimes look as if it is moldy. That’s not mold, that's minerals from the ocean, lik...
  • How much Sea Moss is in a package?

    Each bag has 5 oz of raw, dried sea moss straight from the ocean which expands six to seven times its size when wet. That's a lot! A handful goes a long way. Do not use all at once, keep any dried, unused portion in a sealed bag. Store that bag in a closet or fridge.
  • Where does your Sea Moss come from?

    We get our sea moss from the Philippines, in a clean area that is not polluted. All Sea Moss is tested for heavy metals and radiation.
  • Is your Irish Sea Moss dangerous?

    Markus Products' Sea Moss is in the Irish Moss family Chondrus Crispus but is a different species called Gracilaria, which doesn’t have any of the commercially used questionable carrageenans. That said, normal Irish moss is still harmless anyway and highly beneficial. Carageenan is not the same...
  • How long is Sea Moss good for?

    Unused bags should last six months. It varies of course because these are straight from the ocean and not made in a factory. Once made into a gel, it can last several weeks in the fridge.
  • How much Sea Moss should I eat every day?

    There is no exact amount of sea moss to take. When Markus makes a gel, he keeps it in the fridge and uses a couple spoonfuls in his smoothies every day.
  • How do I make a Sea Moss facial mask?

    Mix the sea moss with some of the Herbal Vitamin C and some water to make a paste. Put it on your skin for 20 - 30 minutes. Maybe even spend a few minutes outside. Relax and enjoy!
  • How long until I see results in my skin from the Sea Moss?

    That depends on many things, especially what you stop doing that is aging the skin. It's not simply a matter of taking something or smearing something on… but diet and lifestyle adjustments.
  • How much iodine is in the sea moss?

    Enough to be beneficial, but not too much to be a problem. It varies depending on the batch, but whatever the amount is, it is not the same as taking the same amount as isolated straight iodine drops which is toxic. The iodine in seaweed is bound with other minerals and cofactors, like Algin, th...