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Why do I get bloating?

The term "raw foodist" is usually pushed to the edge by many. They eat mainly "desert" foods like "cheesecake" made with cashews, nuts, fruit and lots of agave nectar or honey etc. They snack on dehydrated stuff and lots of sweet fruit smoothies with mangos, bananas, dates etc. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Yeah yeah, it's natural sugar. Sigh. Look you can't cheat nature. Half your diet should be leafy greens. Most raw foodists are cheating. And if you're not, then your stomach acid is too low, the main causes being alkaline water, yeast, stress (burned out adrenals), too much sweet stuff, not enough sleep. Read the STOMACH e-book. Also, stay away from alkaline water. It neutralizes stomach acid, so your food only half-digests, causing gas.

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