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  • Parasite-Free Dosage Instructions

    Take once a day 30 min before lunch. If you feel burning, take with food or cut dosage first day- 1 capsule, 2nd day- 3 capsules, 3rd day- 6 capsules, 4th day- 10 capsules days 5 to 90 - 10 capsules, 1-day rest per week. Note: if on a liquid diet, 5 or 6 pills a day is enough. Children 5-12, half...
  • Why is Parasite-Free causing gas, bloating, cramps, headaches, nausea?

    Again- low stomach acid, which is usually the cause of people who eat too many sweet foods (fruit, bread etc). Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Do not drink alkaline water or take calcium or antacids. It could also be a sign of H-Pylori and candida. Stomach acid can be increased by z...