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What is the difference between the Greens and Power Formulas?

All kinds of people are noticing how the Wild Force Green Formula gives them so much energy, they sometimes can't even sleep, they just keep working through the night. They also notice how they aren't even the slightest bit hungry for 4-5 hours. This is proof of how much nutrition and power is in those two tablespoonfuls. If your body's not hungry for that long, it's telling you it has enough nutrition. That's why people can eat tons of pasta and still be hungry- their body's telling them there's nutritional value and to keep eating until you get some. The Wild Force Green Formula has so many nutrients and rare minerals your body needs, it's a fast track to health. Since you don't need to really eat much while taking the greens, it's a great weight loss device, since you won't be hungry after taking it. Wow! Feel the power of wild plants.

So if you're wondering the difference between the Green Formula and the Power Formula as a source of energy- here it is:

The Green Formula is a great energy formula for those who want to eat less and lose weight since it takes away food cravings. It can be considered a fast meal replacement.

The Power Formula is designed as a pre-workout formula for bodybuilders and others who need to eat a lot and not have their appetite suppressed. This is not a nutritional formula or meal replacement, it is strictly for energy, take one hour before needed.

Bodybuilders can also take the Green Formula in the mornings, but mix it 50/50 with the Super Plant Protein, a banana, and some nut milk and nut butter or something like that. Do not take the green formula by itself if you are trying to gain weight, because you won't be hungry and possibly start losing weight. But it could be used for toning and getting ripped abs etc.

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