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What is the difference between The Prosperity Secret and Instructions for a New Life?

"The Prosperity Secret" is about prosperity, success, freedom, money management and how "going after the things you want" is not the way to do it. It needs to come to you and this tells you how. Even if you have nothing, this can change your life overnight.

"Instructions for a New Life" is the manual for living as a human being on planet Earth. It's the rule book they should have given us at birth that deals with everything- relationships, sexuality, understanding your purpose and how to hear the instructions given to you throughout your life. Those who don't understand the game never really end up playing it and just have a life of confusion and frustration. They end up in unfulfilling relationships, frustrated sexually, doing things they don't really like doing to pay for homes, cars, and people that aren't really their dream. They are prisoners of their work, their relationships and their health suffer. They age quicker and spend their lives getting nowhere. This book helps everyone out of the ruts they're in and shows them how to understand the game of life. It answers the life-long questions "who or what are we", "why are we here", "Is there life after death", ... ultimately, "what is the meaning of life."

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