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How many calories and grams of protein are in the Super Plant Protein?

The Super Plant Protein has one serving per day (1 scoop), which is equivalent to two heaping tablespoons. You can, however, take as much as you want. Markus sometimes uses a half cup in his smoothies! 4 tablespoons have 23.125 grams of highly absorbable protein. Many ingredients in other people's formulas are difficult to absorb. Markus has tried every protein powder out there, for 20 years, and this is by far the one with most instant results he's ever experienced. Bonus: no constipation!

Test results from Nutridata Regulatory Nutrition Analysis Labs, California

4 tablespoons have: Protein (g) 23.125

Calories (kcal) 245.6
Calories from fat (kcal) 44.15
Calories from salt (kcal) 12.31
Fat (g) 4.9
Saturated fat (g) 1.3
Cholesterol (mg) none
Carbohydrates 27.09
Dietary fiber (g) 12.1
Total sugars (g) 10.88
Ash (g) 3.63
Vitamin A -IU 3274
Vitamin C (mg) 13.89
Sodium (mg) 169.44
Iron (mg) 15.92
Potassium (mg) 769.91

(4 tablespoons = 60 g)

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