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  • Will you help me download my e-books to my reading device?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide support regarding the downloading and saving of e-books. If you need support, please contact the manufacturer of your reading device. Below are links to the support pages of the most popular reading devices and computer operating systems: Kindle Oasis (9th Gen) ...
  • I cannot download the e-book anymore. Why?

    You are supposed to save the e-book to your computer when you get it, not simply read it off the server, which only allows 10 download attempts in a 30 day time period. If you didn't save the file, send an email to containing your order number and ask to have the download ...
  • Where are my e-books for the Ultimate Health Reference Set?

    They are on the USB flash drive which is being shipped with your order. There are 74 e-books with over 3,000 pages. It would take forever to download all that! Be patient. Everything is on a USB flash drive. Once you get it, you can copy selected ones onto your portable device if you want.
  • When I buy a printed book, do I get the e-book free?

    No. Books and e-books are two separate products, so each must be paid for. Please remember, before purchasing an e-book, that we do not offer refunds or exchanges on e-books. For more information about our return and refund policies, please visit our online returns center.