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  • Bloating After Eating

    If you get bloating after eating, you need to watch my video below:
  • Is pH important?

    No. Measuring your pH is a waste of time because you are actually measuring what your body is getting rid of. Let's say you have too much acidic stuff in your body, so it gets rid of it and you measure higher acid levels in urine and think you are too acidic, whereas your body is actually fine. Y...
  • Do I need to be alkaline?

    Alkaline water is not the same thing as greens or “alkaline food”. Alkaline is such a misnomer and misunderstood term. People who say “alkaline food” have no idea what they’re talking about. It's obvious that they've never stuck a pH meter in kale or celery. It’s not alkaline, it’s neutral. A...
  • What about mercury fillings?

    You will continue to be in contact with mercury until you replace the fillings. Green juices and seaweed may help bind the metals. To no longer have mercury contact, have the fillings replaced.
  • I am allergic to Sulfa. Can I take your products?

    It shouldn’t be a problem. Sulfa is a refined synthetic isolate. Natural sulfur is a synergistic co-element that is found in lots of natural things. Your body could not exist without it- its the third most abundant mineral in your body next to air and water. Sometimes allergies indicate you need...
  • I get rashes and then bruises. How do I fix this?

    We have, however, heard of customers trying a dietary change after speaking with health professionals. They reduced, or removed, all processed food made with wheat and flour (such as bread, pasta, muffins, scones etc), removed sugar, milk, and ate raw, plant-based food. Feel free to drink a gallo...
  • What can I do to help with Chrohns Disease?

    Markus cannot answer any medical-related questions. We do recommend buying our Bowel/Colon e-book and reviewing it with your medical professional as part of a wholistic approach to treatment.
  • What can I take for --- ?

    There are no quick fix shortcuts. Stop doing what's causing the problem and do a deep cleaning in your life. Read "Heal Yourself 101" and do what it says without cheating. Herbs are just supplemental. They will not help if you keep eating and drinking junk. Food isn’t always the answer anyway. W...