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Operating hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Mountain time.
For phone orders only: 1 888 517 3820

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Can I pay by check or money order?

We do not accept money orders, but do accept checks. Please make your check payable to Markus Rothkranz and send it to:

Markus Products
1076 E Commerce Dr, Ste 100
St George, UT 84790

To get the total amount to pay:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your product and click, or tap, the ADD TO CART button
  3. Click, or tap, the CHECKOUT button
  4. Create a, or sign into your, customer account
  5. Enter, or verify, your shipping information
  6. Click, or tap, the Continue to Shipping Method button
  7. Select a shipping method
  8. If on a desktop, click the secondary mouse button and print the page (it's the right button for right-handed people, and the left button for left-handed people)
  9. If on a desktop, please include the printed page when sending your check, so we know what you're ordering
  10. For mobile device customers, please make note of the order total as this is how much you will need to make the check out for
  11. For mobile device customers, please include a note stating what items you are ordering with your check

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